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Greetings to anyone who may come across this site. However, this site is now over a year old (as of 24.07.2011). This is also my old blogging site, and since November 2010 it has been replaced with:


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SMBH NGC 3783: A Rapidly Spinning Black Hole

As a result of the seminal works of Penrose (1969) and Blandfor & Znajek (1977), the spin property of a black hole is now universally considered to play an important role in the energy properties of active galactic nuclei. The role of this property is also considered important role in the production of relativistic jets such as those seen in many classes of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), whereby the magnetic extraction of the rotational energy of a spinning black hole is believed to be essential in causing these relativistic jetted outbursts (Brenneman et al. 2011). Indeed, it is this fundamental property of the central super massive black hole (SMBH) that is considered crucial in determining the energy output and directional intensity of such bursts from AGNs i.e. whether the source is radio-quiet or radio-loud; Wilson & Colbert (1995). Although it is worth noting that the accretion rate of course plays a role of equal importance. Read More

SDSS J0952+2552: A Confirmed Dual AGN

In the current Λ-CDM cosmological model (Rees et al. 1984; Davis et al. 1985; Jenkins et al. 1998), the growth of galaxies at low and intermediate redshift must occur primarily viacollisions between galaxies.  This fact has been used to explain a number of observations of distant galaxies, in particular the existence of active galactic nuclei (AGN). The argument goes that collisions between galaxies torques the atomic gas in the outskirts of the galaxies, causing the gas to flow in toward the center, providing fuel for central starbursts and AGN outbursts (García-Burillo et al. 2006). Read More

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